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"Labhraíonn siad Araibis san Éigipt."

Translation:They speak Arabic in Egypt.

July 3, 2015



Note that Labhraíonn siad is used to mean a particular “they”; if one meant the generic “they”, e.g. Egyptians in general, then Labhraítear would be used rather than Labhraíonn siad.


Thanks. I take it you mean using 'they' in this context is 'Béarlachas', so 'one speaks' would be 'labhraítear'?


“One speaks” would indeed be labhraítear, but the only correct context for the Irish sentence and English translation above is that siad and “they” refer to a particular non-generic set of people — no anglicism would be involved unless “they” were interpreted generically.

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