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"She recently went to Atlanta."

Translation:Вона недавно їздила у Атланту.

July 3, 2015



What is the difference between недавно and нещодавно


They are synonyms.


Would їхати work as well?


I know this is late, but no you wouldn't use "їхати" because that is the infinitive form of the verb. In this case, she already went to Atlanta (recently); therefore, you need to use the past tense of the verb.


but the english word went does not specify if she has returned or not so the word їхати can also work


If we assume that you just want to state a fact that something happened in the past, then you use "їздити" (Вона їздила...). Just saying "Вона недавно їхала в Атланту" on itself sounds incomplete, because you stress the process of going and now you have to say why you do it (e.g., something happened on her way).

If you want to stress the fact that she has not returned from Atlanta, you would use "Вона поїхала ..."


Why is жодила incorrect here?


Жодила is not a word. If you mean ходила, I believe as it's a quite unlikely situation course developers haven't thought about this possibility


Sorry, still mixing my letters up. To clarify, do you mean the use of ходила is quite unlikely or that the developers just haven't included it yet?


it's unlikely for someone to walk to another city, that's what I meant. But technically it's correct


That's funny, I hadn't even considered that.


"В Атланту" I would say, not "У Атланту". (I was taught NOT to put a vowel in front of another vowel. It sounds too awkward.)


I just noticed that it was у Атланту vs у Атланті. I guess the accusative is used after the motion verbs instead of the locative case?

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