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  5. "Не ідіть туди!"

"Не ідіть туди!"

Translation:Do not go there!

July 3, 2015



What's the difference in usage between туди and там?


"Туди" means direction while "там" shows position. Thus, "I am here" is translated as "я тут" (position) and" I go there" - "я iду туди" - (direction). Hope that was clear.


Well said! But is that a typo in your sentence? Туда or туди?


Sure it was, thank you for your remark :)


I have a problem with the volume of the audio in this exercise. Compared to most audio this one is EXCESSIVELY loud. When I am doing my DuoLingo I use ear buds and to hear this one with any clarity I need to reduce my volume by 75% and then raise it again for all the others. Can this be fixed please.


Can this be interpreted the same way we say in colloquial English to "not go there" when it comes to bringing up an unwanted subject.

For example:

Woman: "I want to talk about what happened yesterday."

Man: "Don't go there."


That is obviously a colloquial idiom. To bring it up here will only cause confusion.

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