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  5. "Fuair sé bás d'ailse."

"Fuair bás d'ailse."

Translation:He died of a cancer.

July 3, 2015



He died from cancer should also be correct


"He died of cancer" is correct English, "He died of a cancer" is weird.


It sounds alright to me, in some cases (such as not wanting to specify the type of cancer).


Sure, but I don't think "he died of cancer" should be marked wrong. How could you even distinguish the two in Irish? There's no "a".


Oh, I agree the former shouldn't be marked wrong. It's definitely the most common in my dialect.


It’s accepted as correct as of 2015-11-07.

They could only be distinguished in Irish by context.


Is there a difference between saying >den ailse< (as in a previously-presented example) and >d'ailse< (as here)?


Yes. "den" is a contraction of "de an" so in this case, there is a definite article (the). In context, I think that you might have identified what kind of cancer the person had already and now you are adding that they died of the cancer.


Having been rejected for "He died from cancer" I was curious what Google translate would provide. It came up with "fuair sé bás ó ailse". And for "He died of a cancer" it came up with "fuair sé bás de bharr ailse". But, it gives the same translation for "he died of cancer". Spéisiúil.


Be very careful when using Google translate for Irish. It is notoriously inaccurate for this language.

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