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Suggestion: Lesson practice [QUESTION TYPE] choice

Since there are different types of questions(which I think is great!), I noticed that there is a sort of difficulty order to them; the easiest being the 3 images to choose from, and the most difficult one being the translate from first language to second.

When I practice, I get the most out of the translate to 2nd language type, all other types just seem far too easy at that point and it's a little frustrating. I breeze though the other types, but almost always fail on that one. Recognizing a word you've seen used in a finished sentence is easy, but remembering the right grammatical structure for it on my own is a great challenge.

Could we possibly get a choice on which type of exercises we want to do in a lesson practice? I think they are:

*choosing out of 3 images

*transcribing the spoken sentence

*choosing out of 3 offered sentences

*translating from 2nd language to 1st

*translating from 1st language to 2nd

I think being able to practice ONLY translating from 1st to 2nd language would really help me retain the vocabulary much better. Thanks for reading. :)

October 10, 2013



Having options is great but I think its important having difficult lessons. It really crams the structure of another language into your memory.

Think of it like building an infrastructure. Some tasks of building this infrastructure will be extremely hard BUT they're important to the overall sturdiness of the building or it'll collapse.


Yes, I agree. My suggestion is that we get to choose to practice the most difficult option, as the others become too easy.

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