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How Effective Has Duolingo Been in Your Teaching?


I was thinking about using this website to help with some basic tutoring and was wondering if this would be a good site to help a student get a good foundation. I know that for me, Duolingo has been invaluable. I was just wondering if it has been effective as a curriculum or as supplementation to teaching. What is your opinion? Thank you.

Respectfully yours,


July 3, 2015



I (somewhat) like that the kids are actually getting addicted to duolingo.com (their own words). It is partly the direct reward system and the 'pings' and 'tadas' that I think psychologically reward the brain and then the lingots - a huge motivating factor to progress - acting as a measure to compare with others etc. To be able to see the progress in the dashboard is also great from a teachers point of view. It has gone as far as kids downloading the app on their smart devices and working independently and in their free time. Awesome for any teacher to have that happen. Whether it actually works as a pedagogical method I cannot yet say. There are many things that duolingo.com does wrong and tolerates where in a class setting it will be addressed and corrected. This may even become negative learning and will eventually need longer to correct than the initial fun and motivation it released ... A lot more to say, but I will leave that for the masses to add ...


I ran an experimental class using Duolingo and wrote a bit about the experience - look under Research Briefs and Reports here: http://www.las.ch/academics/laser/edresearch/.


At least for me Duolingo is awesome!

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