"Kvinnen spiser et smørbrød."

Translation:The woman is eating a sandwich.

July 3, 2015

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How to pronounce"smørbrød"...I feel that I can't control my tongue.

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    IPA pronunciation is /smœɾbɾøː/. Let's go through each phone by following a story about a snake called Jorge and a cat called Donna.

    This being the 21st day without seeing any food, now hissless snake Jorge couldn't believe his eyes when he finally spotted a deer mouse trying to climb the fallen tree trunk so he started hissing [s] with joy about this newly found food prospect. As his stomach was filling up with acidic love, the mere thought of having a proper lunch excited him so much that he started picturing himself eating it and sonically enjoying it in the form of a "mmmmm" [m]. Swiftly through the air his open mouth flew towards the doomed rodent and the only sound this soon-to-die animal was capable of producing happened to be ooooe [œ] but the jaws unflinchingly held onto it.

    Just as the sun was saying its goodbyes before giving into the darkness, Donna was napping and her fur during these moments shared colours with the orange sky above. Woken up by the smell of fish hitting her nostrils, she wasn't surprised to see Sonny clinging with his paws to the edge of a rainwater pipe as he tried to bring his plump body over it while his jaws were clenching to this greatly prized possession. Not taking a moment to regain his breath after overcoming the metal obstacle, Sonny started purring [ɾ] at the sight of Donna, his secret crush. With this overly dead fish in front of him, half of it to be exact, he called her "Baby..." [b]. The purr [ɾ] was returned this time much to his surprise which manifested in the form of a twitch. As this was the unambiguous confirmation of her affection towards him, Sonny started proudly walking towards Donna only to be met with her paw being unleashed on his whiskers. A faint, hurt-in-the-gut sound [ø:] escaped his mouth. Donna yelled "IT'S TOO DEAD" and flicked it off the roof. Now, this sardine's second half sits next to a thrown-away burrito with the letter D (for Donna) inscribed onto its scales by someone with five claws, thus sharing its destiny with the phone "d" in this example. Unfortunately, both are out of the picture now.

    Click here to learn more about IPA and hear the bolded symbols being pronounced.

    While serving as a way of cheering people up when they feel they can't control their tongue, these two short stories also act as a reminder to a motto in linguistics: slow it down and break it down.

    No animals were hurt in making this story. Jorge and the deer mouse (Brandon) are actually friends and this was their unique "bro hug" and Donna is still concerned whether she flicked the fish prop the right way because the director of this cat food commercial, while very demanding, can indeed help with finding her a better agent and getting this talented lady into Hollywood.


    Does anyone else hear the 'kvinne' instead of 'kvinnen' in the slower pronunciation? But hear 'Kvinnen' in the normal paced audio.


    Normal speed is kvinnen, but turtle is only kvinne.


    you can use kvinna... apropos: wich is more corect or when do u use kvinnen / kvinna?


    No, but say 'kvinnen'.


    Please make 'turtle' agree with sound.of regular speed..


    It's a very strong-willed and rebellious turtle, and all our efforts to control it have been in vain.


    How do i know when to use en, et and ei?


    From my understanding so far ei is strictly feminine while et is neutral? An then en is masculine? I think!


    -en -- masculine nouns -ei -- fem. nouns -et -- neuter noun

    that's what I understand


    When I hear "mannen" it's pronounced like "man'n." But when I hear "kvinnen" the "en" is pronounced. Why? Takk!

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      I think it just depends on who is pronouncing it and the little intricacies and nuances each person brings to the pronunciation table. Language is subjected to various influences, and we all know that Norwegian isn't known for some hard-coded standards.


      Why is this not "one sandwhich" when the question about the letter was also "et" but anything but "one letter" was incorrect?


      A sandwich = Et smørbrød. One sandwich = Ett smørbrød.

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