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"Você quer que sua mãe perca o emprego?"

Translation:Do you want your mother to lose her job?

October 10, 2013



"Do you want your mum to lose her job" is correct


Hey, you're making a lot of great suggestions, but I'm not sure Duolingo staffers are seeing them. Things might change as new contributors get added to the course, but at the moment, the best way to get a suggestion approved is to use the Report button. You can find it at the bottom of the lesson page in the green/red bit, next to the Discussion button. Click it, check at least one of the boxes, and hit Submit, and when your suggestion is accepted, you'll get a nice email saying thanks. Hope that helps. :)


i do fill out the thing at the bottom too and i havent seen such an email yet


It takes a while, sometimes. As far as I can tell, until they start adding new contributors, Ker is the only person working on both the English>Portuguese and the Portuguese>English courses--as you can imagine, she's a bit busy.


I tried to be a contributor, they said they didn't need one.... =\


things change...

[deactivated user]

    I just wish that DL would be consistent with implied possesive. Here we have "o emprego" given as her job. Elsewhere if you translate her job as "o emprego" you get marked wrong!


    Can "sua" represent his or her as well? DL graded these as incorrect.


    why is it perca and not perda?


    PRESENT SUBJUNCTIVE comes from present indicative, 1st person -o+a( verbs in -er/ir). eu perco> perca; eu faço>faça; eu minto>minta; eu divido>divida. Perder is irregular: not eu perdo but eu perco ( tu perdes, ele perde, eu perdi, perderei)


    So how do you say, '...I want him to lose...' and how do you say, '...I want her to lose...'


    "Eu quero que ele/ela perca..."


    Hi antlane, I understand that perco becomes perca. But is it the same for her? How do you say she loses and to what it turns?


    No change. Gender doesn't change verbs. - except for participles

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