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"The cat puts the mouse into the milk."

Translation:Katten lægger musen ned i mælken.

July 3, 2015



Why couldn't "putter" work here?


In this case, both "lægger" and "putter" is correct. But generally, "lægger" is much more used because it is not as specific. "Putter" is mainly used for putting things into something, like a pocket or a hole. Or when adding something into something else, like adding flour in your pancake batch.


What about "sætter"? Is that used for putting things back in their place maybe?


I wrote Katten lægger musen i mælken. Is ned always used? So puts the mouse DOWN in the milk?


into the milk.right INTO the liquid.

[deactivated user]

    Why is 'Katten lægger musen ind i mælken' not accepted?

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