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Changing time zones would be appreciated!

Just moved countries - from NZ to France - currently a 12 or 11 hour time difference so my days now finish at 11am or 12pm which is a little annoying!

July 3, 2015



Easy, just borrow a friend's android phone and log-in using it. It will automatically set your timezone to wherever you are.



Good to know, but ridiculous to need to go through that just to switch the time zone...


There is currently no means of doing this but you could create a new account in Duolingo which should put you in the correct timezone. You will probably have to start your course again and to test out of the skills you have al ready done but at least your day will at least be more in line with your location.


Yeah thanks - I figured but hope that by posting about it will give more chance for the feature to be added! ;)


Lots of people have asked for it but either Duo has its own reason for keeping it or they have higher priorities.


Same here. I started my account in Australia and now I've been back in the States... for nearly a year now. I'm tired of not being able to keep a streak because I don't practice at the same times every day.


I'm in a similar situation, except that I have no idea when actually the streak resets. It couldn't be more annoying.

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