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Specialized/Cool Esperanto

So I started working on a course on Memrise today. I've been trying to add words of peoples interest. Military, politics, 911/Emergency, medical/ sports, religion etc. I'm hoping that people will see that Esperanto can be used for these things too. It can be a "cool" language as well.

Anyway, I wanted to ask if some people can try it out and see if there's any mistakes so far. If you can give me some suggestions of course ideas and or new words for existing courses. Right now there's about 18 courses and 200 words, so it's really small. I plan to keep adding a little everyday as long as people are interested. I'm adding sound and adding new words.

Thank you in advance.


PS. I'll give you 3 lingots if you get 20,000 xp on the Memrise course. :)

July 3, 2015



Are you recording your own sounds, or using the Esperanto audio database (from users) that is already on Memrise?

Because here would be a good place to warn people that that database is full of absolutely incorrect pronunciations. When I use Memrise I always take off my headphones because I don't want to get used to the wrong pronunciation. They are wrong a surprising amount of the time, like almost half. Don't know if you are recording/screening them yourself but just a heads up. I went through the first ten or so words on your course and the pronunciations seem to be OK except for milito which is pronounced with the accent on the wrong syllable (MIL-it-o instead of mil-IT-o).

But you definitely have a cool collection of words here, thanks for contributing!


I honestly asked my little brother to do it. I thought that'd be fine, so he recorded almost all of the sound. :( Now I don't know if I should go back a fix it myself or just leave it.


Well I haven't gone through your course. It might be fine and dandy. I just know that sometimes memrise will pull audio other users have made for an entry if it appears in other courses and a lot of these have been low quality for Esperanto. Not saying yours are.


No, don't worry about it. I might just remove the sound and worry about recording it myself when I'm done adding words.


Pistolo has no translation ;) Amazing course, anyway :D


I assume it's just pistol as it's next to Karabena


I know, just telling him :)


Thanks. I fixed it.


Thanks for the cool/specialized vocabulary, its really easy and funny you use :) I really enjoyed it and got over 20,000 xp :p Thanks Ciano29


Awesome ! I'm going to revisit again and get all the other words :) thanks


Or should I say *"Mirinde!"


Some sections don't have words yet, but I wanted to add all the topics before so people know what's to come.


If you want sound for your words, there is a huge database of pronounced Esperanto words at www.forvo.com


You've just opened the door to Memrise to me! I'd heard of it, but you were my motivator to sign up. I can't Lingot you enough! The Best To You Each Morning!


Does it work for you? Memrise stopped working for me and a lot of other people today.


Yes, I just checked and no problems


They must have fixed it because it's working for me again.


This sounds cool :) I'm not a huge fan of Memrise, but this course seems nice.


Armor-piercing needs to be an adjective: "kiraspika" instead of "kiraspiko".


Thanks! I fixed it.


Thanks for this, one problem I have is getting words mixed up so this could really be helpful.


I'm over the 20,000 xp mark at this point, although I don't need the Lingots. Over the years there have been so many efforts at courses and textbooks for beginners. It's nice to see some word lists focused on specialized areas.


You get the lingots anyway for actually doing the course. :) I'm about to add some more words to it.


Thanks for the vocab! Just wanted to say that baseball field is spelled basbalejo, while baseball, and baseball player are spelled with "z" instead of "s", is this right? Also, reached 20,000 xp without getting bored! some good ones in there!


There's a lot of words for it. I just chose randomly.

basbalejo : baseball field

basbalisto : baseball player

basbalo: baseball

bazbalejo : baseball field

bazopilkisto : baseball player

bazopilkludo : baseball

bazpilkisto : baseball player

bazpilko : baseball


Oh, Thanks! It's both confusing and awesome that there's so much variation!


Why no typing?

EDIT1: After way too much (in my opinion) religious words, there was finally an awesome gym level... with only two words! I'd like to see some common exercises in Esperanto, as well as some muscles and body parts there :)

EDIT2: The technology level is also pretty... empty. There are only two words which are pretty much the same in English and Esperanto (it's just a transcription, really). C'mon, technology is the awesomest thing around there - there are sure many awesome words here ;)

EDIT3: Finished it in one go; took me a bit more than one hour. Well, it was fun. Too easy in my opinion (not to mention there is no typing, which makes it even easier because I just need to recognize a word), and boring at times because of lots of very similar words with just ending changed, or things like fiziko, astrofiziko, atomfiziko, metafiziko, geofiziko...

Found a few weird things and posted about it on the course's forum.


To be fair. I'm nowhere near close to done with the course. Sorry you found it boring, but the point is to learn the words.


I just meant to be constructive. It would be way more fun and useful to learn words which are at least a bit different from their English counterparts - scientific stuff tends to be the same in all languages, even in Esperanto.

It's not really "learning" words when more than 2/3 of them are just transcription of English.


All the corrections you made have been fixed except for "arkeologo".

Arkeologo = archaeologist

arkeologio : archaeology


mojoso, but should 'dyslexia' not translate to 'disleksio' (and 'word blindness' to 'vortblindeco'?)

I'll let you know when i pass the 20,000 xp ;-)

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