"Where is my house?"

Translation:Де мій будинок?

July 3, 2015

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Here, будиок means house but i thought дім was house?

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I believe дім has a meaning closer to "home" / your own house, while будиок refers to any generic house.


Home is дім House is бУДИНОК


I typed in "Де моя будинок" but got it wrong, why is it wrong?


You used the wrong word for "my". "моя" is used for feminine nouns. "будинок" is masculine, you should have used "мій".


А 'де є моя хата'?? Це такош є правільно.... "Де ж моя хата?" Is also correct.


Хата should be accepted.


How I can type in Ukrainian i am using my cellphone i have android i can't go forward to the next level because i don't know how to type the word in Ukrainian i know the meaning of the word but i don't know the way to switch the language to type thanks


How do you say, "where is my house"? De miy Budynok? keep getting it wrong. Is xata=house?


Do you use transliteration? If you get a typo message it may be a bug in Duolingo. I would suggest switching to the Cyrillic script.

Хата is a (traditional) village house. In the colloquial speech, it could be used to mean any kind of private housing (a house, a flat, ...), often, in the diminutive meaning.


"моя хата скраю, я нічо не знаю" ))


When is це added in? I don't reqlly get it's usage sometimes. Де це мій будинок doesn't work but I feel like it should, generalizing from other exercises and the usage of це.


Це мій будинок? Це? - Is it?

Де мій будинок? Де? - Where? You don't need "це" here.

You can look here https://www.ukrainianlessons.com/question-words/ There is no це in question where? and some other questions. Це - this (nom, neutr). Is - є.

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