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  5. "Tá sé gan luach."

" gan luach."

Translation:It is without value.

July 3, 2015


[deactivated user]

    "valueless" is not accepted.

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    It is accepted now (15.09.2017), and "It is worthless", which was my first answer, is also accepted.


    That's because the literal translation of this is "It is without value", and Duolingo generally only likes accepting literal answers.


    Has the server contracted a corona virus? I typed "Tá sé gan ruach" accidentally and it was accepted. Reported it, mar is duine macánta mé. Earlier, I mispelled "salaí" as "sallaí" twice without any critique from Duolingo until the third time when it pointed out the mispelling and gave me a grace.


    It tolerates a couple of typos. The alternative would be to require exact answers at all times. It will notify you of the misspelling for written exercises, but doesn't seem to point out typos for spoken exercises.


    I put - It has no value. That was marked wrong.


    "it is of no value" --accepted 23/9/15.


    What would "priceless be"?


    An-luachmhar (essentially "very valuable").

    (note that in English "price" and "worth" are usually understood as similar, positive things, but "priceless" and "worthless" mean exactly the opposite of each other).

    [deactivated user]

      Also rí-luachmhar.


      Why isn't "he" accepted instead of it?

      [deactivated user]

        The phrase gan luach refers to a commodity that can be bought and sold but it does not refer to a human being.

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