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voice input seems way off in my favor

i seem to be able to say gibberish at any number of sounds and it detects perfectly the translations??

October 10, 2013



I find that is the case as well. The important thing is that you are speaking, even if it is not perfect.


Like Henry said, I think it's more to get your practicing your accent than anything. Speaking the words can really help memorization, even if you aren't saying them right! The German gutteral "R" is still difficult for me and i've been studying the language for about 3 years, but my accent is improving! Just have to keep trying and not get discouraged.

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Yes, I found this a while ago. When I found I could frequently get a "correct" pronunciation for blowing a raspberry at the microphone, I switched off the audio input. But I also found that lots of correctly pronounced sentences would not get approved unless I spaced out the words and spoke in a monotone, Dalek-style.


I have yet to see it where it did not pass me as correct no matter what i said or how i spaced out sounds.... or even qty of sounds

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