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Duolingo Is A Life Changer

I remember when I started this program back in May 2013 and was really excited about learning a new language that I miserably failed in high school thanks to the ineffective methods that foreign language teachers implemented.

Even though I was optimistic about acquiring more knowledge about the world I was still a little nervous thinking, "What if I can't learn it? What if it's too hard". However, I put my cynical mentality to the side and went for it.

I grabbed my handy dandy notebook and started learning. I was so proud of myself that I could say things in French. It felt like I was standing under the Eiffel Tower (I Hope to see that one day) with the sun glistening on my face.

After about a month of studying I went to this huge book sale downtown to grab some Sci-Fi books (My fav genre btw). Anyways, I discovered that the book sale had a language section so I decided to check it out.

Could you believe the first book I picked up I understood the title: "Les poissons Du Monde Entier". Well...I understood "the fish" part LoL

But that was the moment for me to keep studying and I'd be able to argue with my little sister in French and she wouldn't know one thing I'm saying and would give up LoL

Not to mention the French movie about some 19th century prostitutes "House of Pleasures" that I found on the movie channel! Lmao. I understood just a tad bit of the words but it was another glorifying moment (minus the prostitutes) that I was making progress.

The progress Duolingo has helped me acquire reminds me that, "No matter what...don't give up on your goals. Always stick to improve yourself in any aspect of your life because the light is always at the end of the tunnel...depending on if its night or day" lmao

Merci Beaucoup Duolingo for helping me get a taste of one of my endeavors (learning a new language). All I need now is a ticket to Paris.

If you could maybe, host a contest that gives your users the opportunity to travel to the country in which their language is spoken would be SUPERB


Or get me on "The Amazing Race" where I'll have an advantage on the competitors.

Merci Beaucoup et Au Revoir

October 10, 2013



It was interesting to read your story. Thank you for sharing.

Language learning is like taking baby steps. Why did I say baby steps? Because learning a language feels that way sometimes. We sometimes wonder why it is such a slow process. But when we compare ourselves to how much we knew some weeks or months back we can clearly see the real progress. I remember when I started out learning Arabic. It all sounded like random gibberish to me. Now I actually understand many of the words. I'm quite amazed of how our brain can adapt to new languages. The strongest force that pushes us to advance and get better is having fun while doing it. :) That's why I like Duolingo so much and I will love it even more when we begin to see the results that the Incubator will bring. :)

Cheers and take care!


Thank you for reading. This has been a very cool journey I do not want to end. It is amazing how humans adapt to all obstacles in life including learning a new language.

I believe that learning a new language could possible help you communicate better with people regardless of language. Learning a new language shows you that even though a person speaks differently there is still a way to build a bridge to communicate effectively and with Duolingo's help, efficiently as well


Great story :-)

I started with French, too. Before, I never thought it could be so easy and fun. Now I know I can just pick a language, spend a few months on Duolingo playing with it and voilà: here is the basic knowledge of it and I can actually read in a new language. Well, with a dictionary, of course, but without understanding the grammar that would be impossible.


Yeah after I've completed Duolingo in French I'm sure I'm be able to read some intermediate short novels but what kills me learning these new languages is the grammar structure. Its so complex but I'll get the hand of it soon. I just have to STICK WITH IT!

That's my motto! "Stick With It" ! lOL


I am really astonished about how useful this site is. I would say one of the most useful sites after Google search. I am not native english speaker and while I understand english well, german is a language I am not so good at.

To my amazement, after only a couple of hours I discovered that my both german AND english improved quite surprisingly fast. Kudos to this excellent concept. I believe there are many of us who would pay a small sum for this service, to keep site running and adding new duo languages.

Warm regards from Croatia and keep on good work.

P.S. it would also be very good to have English>English lessons for non-native english speakers. Excellent for learning grammar, rules etc.


Yeah I believe the structure of grammar in any language is hard. We have to figure out an easy method to grasp these grammar obstacles


Yes, it is. What it did for me was rearranging my free time. Before I spent it in a really ineffective way (damn you video games!). Now I can chill with some Spanish and I know it isn't lost time. I like it and the progress I make will have good influence on my life in future.

Everybody praise Duolingo.


Exactly! Using your free time in a effective manner will for sure be beneficial to your future.


For me the "I want to learn French (I know English)" module is the most fun because there are so many people participating, and even more important Sitesurf and jrikhal, two Frenchies, (and others such as aucunLien, and of course the moderators Rémy and Hohenems) participate and answer so many of our dumb questions. And some jokes and silly (hi ET's son lol) and snarky comments are sprinkled here and there which make me laugh. I've been doing the "Je veux apprendre l'anglais (je parle français)" module and there aren't many people participating. I recommend that if you know English and want to learn French to switch over there as you experience learning French in a different manner, and you can pay forward. I have much more respect for the French commenting on the English to French exercises now that I'm attempting to answer people's questions in French. It's an enjoyable challenge. But then I do have jrikhal sending me messages on my wall gently pointing out the mistakes I make when attempting to explain myself in French. Thank you jrikhal! :)


Oh! So I can teach English to Native French speakers who want to learn English?


What is the "I want to learn French (I know English") module? Is this something on duolingo?


I know right? It's really fun to learn a language :) It felt so awesome when I first picked up a book in french, or when I started watching youtube channels like Cyprien and Norman Fait Des Videos and was able to understand, I learnt basic french back in Québec though, but it still wasnt enough to go around and just normally survive there, after I came back I took up duolingo and I now want to go back so badly knowing I'd pass around just fine. I've been talking for 3 months and I'm already fluent to some degree which I completely love, I'm just nuts about this. Hope to see you talking real fluent sometime!


Thank you. I really am striving to become really fluent.

With everything I learn I'm trying to incorporate it into my real life like all the terms I learned in the food lesson. I try to say/write my grocery list in French.

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