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rosseta stone or duolingo?

just wondering which one is better? I know rosseta stone costs money, but I actually think duolingo is easier to use and completes more in a lesson. what are the main differences between them?

October 10, 2013



There has also been a study comparing Duolingo, Rosetta stone, and a college class. It is buried somewhere in the discussion. Take home message is DUOLINGO WAS BETTER THAN R.S. And it is free. I love these guys and gals :)


I think Duolingo is better. Rosetta Stone costs money and is way more complicated. Duolingo is more fun and free. :) :)


I also think duolingo has greater more fun and better knowledge of languages than rosseta. Sorry rosseta :)


As of right now because I'm broke I'd say Duolingo.

Free Programs, Free Knowledge, Free Programs, Free Knowledge Say it with me Duolingo...


Duolingo also helps to translate the whole internet to English and every other language which is the goal of Duolingo after all. Pretty impressive stuff.


Very impressive. Its ahead of its time. If only I would have been introduced this when I was younger.


Duolingo is a game with a purpose. I agree with you. I also wish that I had been introduced to this earlier. :)


I have tried Rosetta Stone. I would rather recommend Pimsleur + Duolingo. But Not Rosetta Stone, even if it's more used today. But if you look at this Google Trend graph http://bit.ly/17izT8G you can clearly see that Duolingo is gaining a huge crowd and will soon be more popular than Rosetta Stone. I'm not surprised. It's all self evident. Duolingo is much better and it's FREE plus you also help to translate the internet in the meantime! :)

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Note that in reality Duolingo has probably already overtaken RS in Google searches, since the "Rosetta Stone" trend of course also includes searches for the actual Rosetta Stone!


Yes indeed, that's very possible!


I think the best choice is Duolingo.Anyways Duolingo is free and Rosseta Stone costs money.I also think duolingo is a much more easier and fun site to learn on!!!


"better" is pretty subjective, like asking your favorite flavor of ice cream, but $$$$$ is the biggie in Duo's favor. RS costs A LOT of money. I wish I had what RS spends on advertising! Learners have different learning styles and objectives, and some folks prefer one over the other, and many folks buy RS because of name recognition and/or reputation, "It is what they use at the school."


duolingo is better but rosseta stone is good too


I'd go with Duolingo. Rosetta Stone works well, but it's really expensive. Duolingo is free, more fun and has a community!


Yes indeed. I hope that Duolingo will expand our interaction abilities further in the future. For example, it would be really nice if it became possible for an Arabic native who wants to learn Swedish to speak to a Swedish person who wants to learn Arabic. That would be amazing. Some kind of video chat system where you can find new language partners to practice your language with.


Yeah. That would be great! It would be kind of like Livemocha (which is also good for learning languages, but I don't like the learning style)

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    totally Duolingo. it's way more awesome!

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