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  5. "Sie sehen die Blumen."

"Sie sehen die Blumen."

Translation:They see the flowers.

December 29, 2012



"you are seeing the flowers" why is this wrong?


Can I also say 'They look at the flowers'?


No, i think it would be "Sie seht die Blumen"


No, sehen is the correct form for sie = “they”. Seht is used if the subject is ihr (plural “you”)

However “to look at” is ansehen in German, so “they look at the flowers” would be: Sie sehen die Blumen an. (an is a separable prefix that’s why it gets detached from the verb; separable prefixes are almost certainly a part of later skills)


if this can be also the formal 'you' then is the plural used in the formal singular case?


I'm not quite sure I understand your question, but the formal you doesn't make a distinction between singular and plural.


in later lesson the formal you retains plural not singular and using the singular results in an error


The verb always stays the same. It's always "Sie sehen", "Sie laufen", "Sie schreiben", "Sie fahren", etc. "Sie sieht" does not mean "you see". It means "she sees" only.


The cognate "blooms" didn't work for me.


Doesn’t “bloom” specifically refer to the blossom part of a larger plant though? This would be a Blüte in German. A Blume is more than just a bud, it’s a bud on a stalk which normally grows directly from the ground. There is a little leeway on the last point, for example with roses, but even there I would be inclined to talk about a Blüte when I see the whole bush instead of just a single stalk cut from the bush.

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