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  5. "De neushoorn drinkt sap."

"De neushoorn drinkt sap."

Translation:The rhinoceros is drinking juice.

July 3, 2015



That's a fancy rhino


it was bought from the money I donated to him


Neushoorn is like the german word Nashorn because they have a horn on they nose


Rhinoceros also means nose-horn (rhino: nose and ceros: horn)


Oooohhhhh. I told "neushoorn" to my brother who laughed and said that sounds like minecraft


What the ❤❤❤❤??


Sometimes I struggle so much pronouncing Dutch correctly that I think I'm learning a made up language... Like, I don't have sure how many phonemes a letter can consist and some of the sounds are nasalised and guttural at the same time! :£


Im so struggling on some pronunciations. I cant figure put how to pronounce sheep!


As far as I've read in other comments, how you pronounce "sch" in 'schaap' is first with a 's'-'sh' sound (a bit of each I believe), and then it sounds like the 'h' in English "house". It's a real mess, but I think it is not far from what the recordings say.


Normally if the language is made up (a.k.a designed) it is easy to pronounce ;)


Nose-horn innit? Pretty apt name


Dutch people must have very special rhinos


Can anyone explain the differences in Present Simple and Present Continuous? It seems that in Dutch it's random


I speak german, and for me it makes totally sense, allthough sometimes it's hard to know whitch verb is right.


It would be great if i could spell rhinoceriousjdus in english


i see this alldays


I said "the rhinoceros drinks juice" and it marked me wrong. Why?


As a non-native English speaker, I don't even know the full name of rhino... (I know when I see it, but can't say it without thinking). guess I'm learning English and Dutch at the same time


Like, why? Is it that important for me to know how a rhinoceros is called and spelled in Dutch before I learn more useful things?


It's useful for me as i read and watch childrens books/shows to help with my learning dutch. They always focus on animals. :)


I hate comments like these. If you want to learn specific words and phrases, buy a bloody phrase book. This app is teaching you grammar and random vocab along with it. They don't expect you to use this sentence on your vacation trip, mate.


Ugh, is it too much to ask to have a balance of useful vocabulary while learning grammar, instead of something utterly useless in any context other than "for fun"? Is knowing what a rhino is called really more important than any other word not taught up to that point, which could potentially be at all more useful? You made an assumption which was incorrect, so watch me make one that's at least based on some evidence; not everyone has as much free time on their hands as you to spend on learning languages, and some of us would like to learn things we can actually put to use.

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