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What to do with lingots now?

Question: what do you all do with your lingots these days? Anything useful? I don't really use the streak freeze because I do want to practice every day, and there are only so many tests you can take (and no more bonus skills to get.) Any tips?

July 3, 2015


  • Buy bonus skills in another courses
  • Buy progress tests in these courses
  • Encourage your friends to language learning, give them lingots for their initial progress test
  • Reward useful comments
  • Submit articles you like to Immersion and reward participating translators
  • Impress your mother with digital jewelry


Thanks! Great response.


I find the Lingots good for buying tests. For me, it provides feedback regarding my progress in learning German. I find it helpful to take the test every 7 to 10 days. Even though I don't learn what is wrong/right on the test, the score provides a relative score to see if I'm improving.


Thank you for the Lingot, I'll use it towards my next text. Thank you double for the Lingots.


Clever idea. Very enthusiastic.


I find it super helpful in tracking my relative progress. Occasionally, I'll take a test when I'm very tired to see how I compare with when I'm alert and refreshed. I make it a point to practice often and track progress, even though I'm at level 23, I've only recently passed the halfway point of the course. For me, through practice, some of the course content becomes part of my permanent memory and usage.


I would like to see at least one more bonus skill choice since there are only two available but three slots.


Christmas is the other bonus skill but that is only available from the middle of December


If you have no use for them you could donate them or just keep them as a souveneir!


Ya just give them away to people who maybe follow you???


My grandson had an interesting suggestion which would appeal to the younger people on Duo. He thinks they should design special avatars that could be purchased with lingots and could be "shown off" in your profile. I think that could increase the gamification aspect of the site and add some fun.


That's a really interesting idea. A Lingot to your grandson! Or perhaps it would be a good idea to exchange Lingots to existing currencies on a condition that these Lingots will be donatet to countries who need a support from Duolingo community... (:


yeah, that would be good.


I had the same thought.


Very creative grandson. Well done!


I am just hoarding them. One day I might have a million of them xD.


I want a cursing bonus skill!!

Or it will be great if there are bonus skill from traditions of each country, for instance, an Octoberfest skill on the German tree... Just a thought!


I like all the responses they are helpful. When I had nothing else to do in my German lessons, I was able to use the Lingot and buy some pretty nice additional courses. Don't know if this helps but that's what I do with them.


I'd be generous and give away LOL.


Yeah! (Hint, hint!) XD


Well here you go then :)


I was joking, but thank you!


They're really just for decoration.


I give those to others. I just gave you one.


Ha, thank you but now I have 666 :S


Then give those to newbs :)


I'm hoarding lingots for the bitcoin collapse.


I would still get the streak freeze just in case. I had lost my first streak when I unexpectedly had a day without internet connection. I was so upset about it, that I got a streak freeze right after - I did not even use it yet, but it is there, just in case.


I have used that once, but it's still only 10 lingots I think- it's good to have, but it doesn't take up a lot of resources :-)


I think they should let you use lingots to buy raffle tickets for prizes, tickets, travel things like hotel nights or airplane tickets. This would allow an inoffensive form of advertising (among a VERY desirable demographic) and reward students for their labor. A virtuous circle. Work hard, get prizes, get more people to study, and on and on.

[deactivated user]

    I love the Duolingo drawings, they are so cute, and I love the cartoons. Especially the apple, that they did for national teacher's week. Maybe they could make tutorials on drawing them in different languages. 20 tickets each, I would buy all of them!


    For the German tree, I think Duo should have bonus skills for grammar. These could be bought with lingots. Grammar is so important in German, and making the exercises something you have to pay for with lingots, would make the exercises desirable.


    You can use it to buy new skills


    I just go around giving them to people through the forums. Other people probably need them more than me


    You can give them to other people.


    give them to me ? :D I'm poor... I have just 1501, well I would buy avatars and other stuff if I could. We should be able to do more with lingots.


    "Just" over one-and-a-half thousand? That's a lot of lingots.


    I'm exactly the opposite! I don't have enough lingots cause I have to keep using them on streak freeze because I don't have enough time!


    why is your streak so short then ?


    Sometimes I am not able to Duolingo 2 days in a row.

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