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"What is the most popular movie today?"

Translation:Qual é o filme mais popular atualmente?

October 11, 2013



Why is qual filme incorrect here? Is it just that it's less literal, Or is the syntax off?


Right. Can you not say "Qual filme e o mais popular atualmente"?


'Qual é o mais popular filme hoje?' was marked incorrect. Why is that?


Syntactically, it's a little backwards. As far as i know, in both portuguese and spanish the descriptive element (mais popular) almost always comes after what is being described (filme), so while your sentence has all the correct elements, the phrasing is backwards. It should say "qual è o filme mais popular hoje/atualmente?" instead of the other way around. The english equivalent of that grammar mistake would be like saying "what is the film most popular today?" instead of "most popular film". Its subtle. Hope that helps a little.


That's prob why I wrote it that way, because english is my 1st language and we say "most popular film" so I automatically translated it the same way.


Hoje wasn't offered in the tile version. Can you us 'atualmente' to mean 'today' ir is this a mistake?


Hoje is accepted now


Can you say "hoje em dia", as in "nowadays"?

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