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Ideas for the Store

I was thinking of some things you could place in the new store. I understand you wouldn't want to add anything that would give someone an innate advantage if they had a large stockpile of lingots. We want something that brings an engaging atmosphere and more importantly - pushes people to WANT to get those perfect scores.

Here's some ideas:

Wagered Time Challenges - A regular timed practice, but you place down lingots as a wager. If you pass through the entire practice of 18 questions - then you can double the amount placed down. This could be abused for beginners of those who know languages very well... so perhaps it becomes available to those who have completed one or two full sections/those who have surpassed a certain amount of words?

The purchase of a numerical amount of hints: E.g. a button appearing that would give a further hint of the current problem you're on. I understand that this could be very encompassing given the variety of problems produced within Duolingo's algorithms, but something that could show part of the answer or complete half the sentence for you. Sometimes I find myself on the last run of lesson with a perfect score - and just can't hit that skip button.

The option to continue your 5 lingot wager for a seven day streak: Double or nothin? More seriously, the ability to continue pushing for more lingots with a larger streak - maybe even double the days as well. So for five lingots, you can double it in seven days. Then double it up and make it fourteen days for 20 lingots. Something like that.

Add a certain percentile of coins with a seven day streak of a full lesson sections (not entire portions of the Duolingo curriculum - just the 4 or 7 lesson clusters given) completed per day. I know that was a little long. To be clear, we can purchase with lingots the notion that if we complete a full lesson cluster per day for seven/five/three days (maybe seven with beginning lessons and three in the end lessons) you have the ability to tack on 25% of total coins earned. Something like that, if you fail to complete the full lessons, then you lose the lingots.

I don't know, just some ideas. Feedback would be nice.


October 11, 2013



I think these are great ideas! But so far you can only spend lingots to either earn more lingots or take the easy way out on your lessons. I think it'd be great to spend on something else like perhaps collectable postcards based on regions where your language is spoken or maybe even buying items to customize a small owl avatar. Who knows.


Maybe even being able to change the background...


Good thinking adamchalupa. I definitely like your ideas on double or nothing, let us gamble a little more if we think we can handle it!

I also thought it might be cool to offer a lingot for someone who does, say, a lesson in three languages in a day or something. Maybe to promote learning more than just one language through Duolingo, and promote more than just bilingualism but true multilingualism. I understand that might be hard for some users to do, but it's a good challenge still and good motivation to branch out of studying only one other language.

This also would promote people exploring the upcomming new languages through the incubator!

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