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  5. "Do not drink so much!"

"Do not drink so much!"

Translation:Ne drinku tiom multe!

July 3, 2015



But what should I write if the question is about water or milk? Drinki is only for alcoholic beverages and "Ne trinku tiom multe!" is not a valid answer.


It should be accepted, report it.


It's now accepted.


would "tiome" be possible?


Accepted also "tiel multe". Which form is more common?


Mi deziras, ke iu ajn estus dirinta tion al mi dum la somero mdr


I tried “ne drinku tiel”, which wasn’t accepted (and I think that’s correct to not allow it).

I was curious whether “tiom multe” was more common than “tiel multe”, though, and I searched La Tekstaro and—very weirdly—found little to nothing covering this case.

We’ll see if Duolingo lets me write this in a comment: I searched ne\s+\w+u\s+ti.* — a regular expression that should mean “find me any case of ne followed by just spaces, then any word that ends in -u, then some more spaces, then any word starting with ti.

Very, very strange.... there is exactly one case of “tiom multe”, in Zamenhof’s second volume of Andersen fables: Ne pensu tiom multe pri vi mem, vi povus alpuŝiĝi al ŝtono!

I found no cases of tiel multe, and only one of tiom da, from a 21st-century example: “Tus! Tus! La purigisto ne faru tiom da polvo!”

Most cases I found were things like ne parolu tiel laŭte and other conjunctions with adverbs or where it meant “like that”, “like him/her/them/it”, “like this”, etc.

(Zamenhof produced this gem: Ne legu tiel mallaŭte.)

I realize this is La Tekstaro, and you just don’t find direct commands written in print very often except in dialog. Still, I was very surprised to find so little use, apparently, of “don’t verb so much”.


wtf am I just imagining that "drink" is "trinki"???


I don't know what "wtf" means, but you are correct. "To drink" is normally "trinki" in Esperanto. But Esperanto also has the word "drinki", which means "to drink alcoholic drinks to excess". However, rather confusingly, the Esperanto word "drinkejo" means "a pub" or "a bar", regardless of whether the customers are drinking to excess or not.

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