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  5. "Мій тато там."

"Мій тато там."

Translation:My dad is there.

July 3, 2015



Wait so моя is feminine and мій is masculine?


Yeah, exactly. In The Nominative, of course.


Of course … I have a feeling that this is going to get more difficult!


A bit. Being wise, the course creators preferred not to attack your brain with the entire paradigm — you mostly focus on simple sentences (so, if a noun is in an oblique form, it rarely has an adjective around). It is what teachers usually do in class, anyway. For a beginner, it is enough to know that an adjective agrees with the noun it modifies.

You can look up the whole paradigm here. The cases go, to to bottom, as follows: Nominative, Genitive, Dative, Accusative, Instrumental, Locative.

Note how Accusative forms are only unique for adjectives that modify feminine nouns (you can see it in the table; for the rest of the nouns the Accusative will copy either the Nominative or the Genitive, depending on where it is a living being or an object/concept).


А хіба my father's there - правильно ? Мого батька там ? Strange.


father's не лише присвійна форма від father, але й скорочення від father is


Why didn't it accept "There's my dad"?


Як щодо: my father is over there


I can not advance beyond this page, it keeps repeating!

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