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Kiprâḋ Pronouns

Here are the Pronouns in Kiprâḋ. Remember, that since Kiprâḋ is a VSO language, the pronoun never goes first in the sentence.

I - Mô
You (singular/informal) - Vy
He - Ḋo
She - Że
It - U
Gender Neutral Pronoun - Ḣê (used for people who don't have a gender, or for whenever you don't know the gender of the person that you are talking about.
We - Mo
You (plural/formal) - Vi
They - Ûôc

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EDIT: I will be going to Florida tomorrow, on vacation, for 10 days. So I will not be able to create other posts until I come back, since I will be leaving my laptop at home. So, I will be gone until around the 14th of July.

July 3, 2015



Where is the Kiprâḋ alphabet used? Excuse my ignorance.


Kiprâḋ is not a natural language, it is constructed, I just made up the sounds for this language.

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