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  5. "The wedding is excellent."

"The wedding is excellent."

Translation:Die Hochzeit ist super.

December 29, 2012



A way to remember the word 'hochzeit': 'hoch' + 'zeit'= 'high' + 'time'. High time is wedding. (Important time or time when you get high)


Thanks a lot. It is realy useful


zeichnen : to mark gezeichnet: marked ausgezeichnet: to be marked out (as distinguished) i donno if i am correct but i search for each word in PONS and then tried to understand the word ausgezeichnet which mean Excellent. not a german native speaker BTW


Would: "Die Hochzeit ist klasse" have been accepted?


Anyone got any methods of how to remember the spelling of Ausgezeichnet?


How is 'Die Hochzeit ist toll.' not accepted? I know Duolingo wants you to use Super in these lessons, but it should be accepted and then the preferred answer listed below? When I'm learning it's very jarring to be told that what you thought you'd learnt is incorrect when it is not.


I used my favourite German word instead. And it was accepted. "Die Hochzeit ist ausgezeichnet."

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