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Can we please put articles on the Flashcards

It would be easier if i could memorise the articles with the words because i always forget whether it should be der, die or das especially when I'm learning a new word.

July 3, 2015



I totally agree. I don't know why they haven't implemented this yet, it's been asked thousands of times.


I agree. And for me the simple use of colour would be a great help, so masculine nouns are written in blue ink; Red for feminine nouns, and green for neuter nouns. I find this so helpful that when I am making a note of German vocabulary I have a range of coloured pens available. I find that remembering the colour of a word helps me remember its gender.

This is the method used in the Anki "Duolingo German to English" Flashcards prepared by "Birdie222". Anyone who wants to use Flashcards should give give Anki a try.


I really wish the Duolingo team would reply to explain why they haven't done this when the demand is so strong. It seems to cut across one of the most basic principles for learning a gendered language: always learn the right form of the article with the noun


Agreed. It's no wonder that the feature is requested so much. It's such a fundamental part of the language that it's really quite ridiculous that there's no support for it. Even in the normal tree, outside of the flashcards, you never have to recall the gender.

Why the duolingo team haven't even responded to this or any one of the other tens of requests for this feature is just simply beyond me, though at this stage I've given up hope of ever seeing a response.

I'm on the last set of lessons in the German tree now anyway, and have to say that I don't feel like I'm getting much from it anymore as the sentences never get more complex, and with no way to test the gender the vocabulary that's introduced isn't really of much value. So I've been spending more time on memrise and been reading and listening to material instead.


I wholeheartedly support this. In spanish it's really easy to remember whether to use "la" or "el" because it's usually indicated by the ending of the word, but "die" "das" and "der" in german is really difficult because every words gender must be memorized. I guess we will get the hang of it with lots of practice!


"Übung macht den Meister" as they say. It is difficult, but German does give hints for each gender. Feminine is the easiest to remember: -heit -keit -schaft -ung -in and neuter is the Latin sound words like -tum and -um. With masculine nouns there are groups such as time words, seasonal words, and compass directions: der Montag, der Januar, der Sommer, and der Norden.


-in isn't always feminine. For example, der Aspirin.


Correct, they're hints and guidelines but not hard-and-fast rules as it goes with pretty much every language. That would be too easy :D


Thank you antspants01, that's quite helpful!


Yes, this is a good idea. And there should be more translation into German in the lessons, even at the very beginning stages. Thank you!


Totally support the idea.


Yes, it seems obvious! Is there a reason why not? It would also be great for the gender of nouns to be included in the hints within lessons.


Voted up for the umpteenth time this has been requested. Not sure why they won't do it.


Please add articles!


For me the lack of articles was the reason I stopped using the site. I NEED the article practice. My inaccuracy with articles keeps me at the "caveman" level. I can easily understand native speakers talking about pretty much anything: science, politics, religion, weather, school whatever, but as soon as I open my mouth. I came Duolingo to go back to basics with the articles and soon left. Today I've popped back 5 years later and it's still not there. Tchüss Duo.


You can use Anki untill they add articles to flashcards. Thats what Im doing.


That's another drawback: a lot of people have to resort to other sites and applications like Memrise, Quizlet or Anki in order to access good Duolingo flashcards, when everything could be streamlined on this site alone.


You've got my vote of support. I have a rough time remembering articles. Then again, there is not anything in German I can really say I am having an easy time with right now. :P


Damm! That was awesome! This thing should be in a Duo's lesson! Here have a couple of lingots!


wow, I seem to be bookmarking so many great things that should be here to begin with....! Thank you for this link.


A great suggestion. Thumbs up


Totally agree! Would help so much.


Yes please - articles would be helpful


excellent idea!


And case and person!


Totally agree...


That would be helpful. Also, some sort of context.

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