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  5. "Мені теж дуже приємно."

"Мені теж дуже приємно."

Translation:Nice to meet you too.

July 3, 2015



де тут сказано про зустріч або знайомство? It is pleasure to me too - мені здається так буду коректніше.


Why "I am also very glad to meet you" is wrong? "дуже" - means "very", and "pleased" and "glad" are synonyms.


Maybe "also" and "too" are not synonyms in this case?


You shouldn't give the creators too many frivolous and difficult problems or suggestions and mannerisms. They'll be swamped and other more breaking problems will go unfixed! If it means the same thing, then you know and that's what counts :) until they find an A. I. to go over every possible translation xD


I agree, it should be added as a correct version. I almost always write, "I am also pleased to meet you." Which comes across as wrong, but I think it is more of a literal translation.


where is the I (i) in this word: pryyemno. I wrote priyemno.


You should type in Cyrillic letters: приємно.

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