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Giving myself 2 months to fully learn Portuguese

I want some witness. I am a native spanish/english speaker and I am fairly confident I can utilize both languages to my advantage. We'll see on the 30th of august. I hope I can meet some good people to help me and perhaps rate my Portuguese at the end of the challenge. que tenha uma boa tarde:) Beijos todou!

July 3, 2015



O.O Good luck!!

July 3, 2015


Good Luck. I want to rate your portuguese when you finish it.


Here I am! I'm a native and I can help you, I'll follow you, but you must remind me because I have a terrible memory. Boa sorte!


obrigado amigo:)


Este es una manera buena de motivarte. Llevo dos semanas con portugués. Ando bien pero es bien difícil.

Suerte. Te voy a seguir para ver como sucede


eu acho que portuguese é um pouco fácil. talvez porque tenho latino em mim


Good luck! So, are you tackling both the Portuguese from English and Portuguese from Spanish trees at the same time or will you try to complete one and then the other?


I am a native Spanish/ English speaker, and I will utilize both languages to cut the learning curve:)


Good luck! I am a native and I can help you if you need. I'm pretty sure you are going to succeed easily because of your Spanish. I know very few Spanish, as well as the great majority of people in Brazil, but due to the fact that the two languages are very similar they offer learners a great advantage.


I thank you for your support, kind stranger. It amazes me the support I'm getting from Brazil, truly it is an amazing country and I admire how kind and humble it's people are, beijos de nova york!


does it help?


It most certainty does help, I don't want to be wrong haha. I have clearly stated my goal and wish to not disappoint everyone who's supported me and wished me great luck and success. It fuels me to work harder indeed:)


vai conversando com as pessoas em português.... ta quase


desculpe, o que voce quer dezir com "ta quase?"


"ta quase" é uma giria para "quase terminando, quase conseguindo". É usada quando a pessoa está quase terminando de fazer algo, entendeu?


sim:) entendido, obrigado!


I'm doing the same thing!!


Boa sorte :) Fico feliz em ver que você se interessa pelo português. Precisando de ajuda estou aqui... (sou brasileira)


hoooo, tao linda, obrigado:) vou meter isso em mente, eu aprecio isso:)


Check out tafalado, it's a Portuguese course for people who already speak spanish


I most certainly will! Thank you, my friend!


That's great! Good luck! If you need help in Portuguese, call me.


obrigado:) literalmente chama-la? kkk


Se fala bem o espanhol então fica fácil... ou não? KKK...


são muito semelhantes ambas linguas:)


Tomara, porque um dia vou aprender espanhol. Vou lhe seguir, boa sorte.


você vera que é muito fácil:) OBRIGADO!


...''ambas as línguas''. Impressão minha ou espanhol não tem acentos?


Sim tem acentos mas suas regras são mais fáceis de entender. A palavra "lingua" é um bom exemplo. Não precisa de um acento segundo as regras em espanhol.


Já fica mais fácil, porque esses acentos do português são do capeta, kkk..


take care of the non realistic goals my brother! but I wish you good learnship have a wonderful week!


I volunteer to help you too, I'm brazilian. If you will, we can chat on Skype or exchange messages in Portuguese. The best way to learn a new language is trying to use only this language when learning it. I don't think it will be too hard for you, since you know Spanish. Are you familiar with the Fluent in 3 Months website?


I speak English and Spanish too! What I do is the "Portuguese for English speakers" so I can practice Portuguese and English at the same time :D ¡Buena suerte!


I just learn Portuguese in two accounts, one is in Spanish and another one in English. Cuts the learning curve I feel.


I don't even think you can because I hardly know Spanish alone and it takes a very long while to be able to learn a language languages take a lot of practice

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