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  5. "Моя борода і мої вуса"

"Моя борода і мої вуса"

Translation:My beard and my moustache

July 4, 2015



Борода ends with а - that's why it is feminine.

Ukrainians use whiskers as the translation for beard (we can say that in English too). Whiskers is a plural word - hence вуса.


Is there any particular reason (e.g., historical) for вуса to be plural?


Cat's whiskers are also вуса and вус is one whisker :)


вус stands for one half of moustache, if that makes sense... :)


moustaches should be accepted. archaic and/or british, but correct. and closer to the Ukrainian.


I admittedly know little of British vocab, but in American vocab, that kinda makes it sound as if the man has multiple mustaches, all at once, lol


Are you saying that a moustache can refer to either the left or the right whisker? I've never heard of that. Isn't it generally used to collectively refer to both whiskers?

The Ukrainian for moustache is literally the plural 'whiskers' and if you wanna refer to either the left or the right one, you use the singular.

Keep that in mind, aka "Намотай собі на вус!" ;)


Also, why is beard a feminine noun?


Why shouldn't it be feminine? :D

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