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Duolingo crashed during a test, how can I get my lingots back or start the test over for free?

I started taking one of those progress tests you can buy for 25 lingots in the store. In the middle of it I got an error message in a pop-up box saying something along the lines of "duolingo is experiencing some difficulty right now. Please try this test again later." I closed the pop-up box and the page was frozen after having submitted my last answer, but did not allow me to "continue." I let it sit there for a while thinking it might un-freeze, but eventually, I had to quit the test. I thought it might automatically credit the lingots back, OR that when I went back to the store, it would show a test had been purchased and could be taken again, but no luck. Does anybody know if I can get my lingots back, or start the test again for free?

July 4, 2015



There ya go. I have tons. Better luck next time; that was rotten luck.


Oh my goodness, how sweet! I absolutely wasn't fishing for lingots, but thank you so much! Also, 71 day streak!? Whoah. That is dedication!


I know you weren't fishing. That's why I gave them to you.

I had a much longer streak once upon a time but lost it. It was hard sticking with Duo in the beginning but after a while it became a habit, like brushing my teeth. When that happens it's easy to maintain a streak. Having my daily goal set to 1 XP doesn't hurt, either :)

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