"Я хочу купити шапку тут."

Translation:I want to buy a hat here.

July 4, 2015

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The original sentence should use капелюх, as this is a more common word in Ukrainian for "hat". Шапка in Ukrainian means "a headline" or a "fur hat"


The first thing I imagine when I hear шапка is actually a beanie :)

But yes, what is commonly called "hat" is капелюх in Ukrainian


So why this course uses less common version? And I must say that I prefer "капелюх", because it's like Polish "kapelusz" and "шапка" is like Polish "czapka" - "cap", so it's confusing for me.


Cap is ‘кепка’ in Ukrainian. ‘Капелюх’ is a hat with brims. And ‘шапка’ is a common word for a hat when you don't know how to name it exactly, but in most cases it means something brimless.


Why not "I want to buy the hat here?"


Is шапку in accusative case? Or what case it this?

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