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Kiprâḋ Basics 1

This is the first lesson, in the Kiprâḋ for English speakers course. :) I will be teaching you the basics, as the title suggests. There is no grammatical gender, except for the he and she pronouns, ḋo and że, respectively. I wanted to post one last post before I go to Florida on vacation for 10 days.

Tâparê - Man
Polenê - Woman
Żamuṅê - Girl
Fomiḣê - Boy
On - A(n)
Lî - The (singular)
Lîs - The (plural)
Pomarâna - Apple
Ûag - Water
Ḣup - Bread
Mulko - Milk
I - And

Sjar - To be
Sjô mô - I am.
Sy vy - You (sing.) are
Sju ḋo/że/ḣê/u - He/she/they(gender neutral)/it is
Sjo mo - We are
Si vi - You (pl.) are
Sjôc ûôc - They (pl.) are

Beḋar - To drink
Beḋô mô - I drink
Beḋy vy - You (sing.) drink
Beḋu ḋo/że/ḣê/u - He/she/they(gender neutral)/it drinks
Beḋo mo - We drink
Beḋi vi - You (pl.) drink
Beḋôc ûôc - They (pl.) drink

Meḣar - To eat
Meḣô mô - I eat
Meḣy vy - You (sing.) eat
Meḣu ḋo/że/ḣê/u - He/she/they(gender neutral)/it eats
Meḣo mo - We eat
Meḣi vi - You (pl.) eat
Meḣôc ûôc - They (pl.) eat

Try and translate these sentences:

  1. Man and woman.
  2. Sy vy on żamuṅê.
  3. He drinks the water.
  4. Meḣôc lî pomarâna i beḋôc lî ûag.

Try to not look at the translations above, but if you have to look, then feel free to do so! :)

The answers will be posted with the next post.

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July 4, 2015

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I think I am the only one actually renbering this stuff

July 5, 2015
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