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  5. "Hadde du bil da du var tjue?"

"Hadde du bil da du var tjue?"

Translation:Did you have a car when you were twenty?

July 4, 2015



could I say "hadde du bil når du var tjue"?


'når' describes recurring or future events, while 'da' refers to past events.

That said, a lot of Norwegian don't really distinguish these so you could probably hear some say it like you, but it would be incorrect in Bokmål.


But I expect we can't replace 'nor' by 'da' in a sentence like 'Nor kommer du?'. Or can we?


You're right. When you ask a "when" question, you always ask with *Når, but when you're referring to a time in the past, as fveldig explained above, use "da".


Would "Hadde du en bil da du var tjue" also be correct? Why is the article left out here?


Yes, that would work as well, but omitting the article sounds more natural here. This is because the sentence deals with the question of having a car or not having a car, rather than asking whether you had a single car. The state of having a car is in focus, rather than the car itself, if that makes sense.

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