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  5. "Hvor mye studerer hun?"

"Hvor mye studerer hun?"

Translation:How much does she study?

July 4, 2015



Worth a note - hvor ("where") also can mean "how". Because... reasons.

PS: maybe worth putting it here? https://www.duolingo.com/skill/nb/Questions


So tempting to use "hvordan mye" because each word makes sense. Is there a reason it's literally translated as "Where much" instead?


I don't get the meaning of this sentence. The English translation doesn't help :)

"How much" IMO is not going along with "does she study".

Would anyone help me to understand the point of it? :)

I'm not native English speaking one but sentences like: "How long does she study" or "how many subject does she study" or "How much do her studies cost" are pretty clear to me.


"How much does she study?" would usually be a question about quantity, answerable with sentences like "She studies a lot" or "She studies 4 hours every day."


Generally, "how long does she study for" would be shortened to "how much does she study" in everyday speech, though depending on the context, it could also mean "how many subjects does she study".

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