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"Benim beş kardeşim var, üç kız kardeş ve iki erkek kardeş."

Translation:I have five siblings, three sisters and two brothers.

July 4, 2015


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Could you use oğlan kardeş or kadın kardeş?

(Also: Kim kardeşyan?) :-)


Lol at your joke :)

Nope, these are pretty much the only way to say (younger) brother and sister. :)


Nobody really uses the term 'siblings' much, although technically it is correct. In day to day speech, we are far more likely to talk about our 'brothers and sisters', lumping them all together. Thus 'I have five brothers and sisters, three sisters and two brothers'.


The above sentence sounds much more natural than what you have put. You have repeated yourself unnecessarily. Where are you from? I am from America and we still use "sibling."


I think the only conversational context in which I have heard "sibling" used in English, including American English, is in the phrase "sibling rivalry". Otherwise I associate it with official documents and professional papers, especially in psychology. To me, it seems an affectation to use it in day to day speech. But I wonder if that is a generational thing. Do younger folk perhaps use "sibling" more freely?


I am 48 year old native (American) English speaker and I use the word sibling liberally. It is commonly used in the circles that I travel in....


Well that makes you a younger generation than me. I don't recall hearing the word"sibling" until I was an adult, but it does seem to be used much more freely in conversation today.


i have five sibling three sister and two brother


You forgot to make "sibling," "sister," and "brother" plural.


Is there no word for 'boy'?? Is it 'erkek' either it's a boy or a man?


erkek means male, so "erkek kardeş" means "male brother(s)".

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I would say "male sibling" = "brother"


I used younger sisters and younger brothers and it was deemed incorrect


That's because there is nothing in the original sentence which indicates who is older or younger.


It was my understanding that kardeş meant younger sibling - as opposed to Abi (older brother) or Abla (older sister).

Am I wrong about this?


Abi and abla are specifically older siblings, but kardeş is general and does not specify older or younger. This sentence only says number of brothers and sisters; they could be both older and younger or one or the other.


Fun Fact:

In daily language, "beş kardeş" means "slap". Generally used by worn out parents to warn their naughty children. (Beş kardeş geliyor!)

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