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"Kokken presenterer dagens meny."

Translation:The cook is presenting today's menu.

July 4, 2015



Would "...the day's menu" be ok?

[deactivated user]

    There seems to be a soft 'g' sound with the 'nt' in presenterer. Is that how it should be pronounced?


    '-ent' and '-ant' are often pronounced as '-ang(t)' due to these being French loanwords.

    [deactivated user]

      Thanks fveldig


      Why does mark "...the menu of today" as not correct? Thanks


      You should be able to say, "the menu of the day."

      I don't know any grammar rules for it, but "the menu of today" sounds weird.


      OK some consistency is needed. In a previous lesson I got an answer counted wrong because I used 'cook' for 'kokken'. It was implied that the ONLY correct translation was 'chef'. Stop the confusion, please

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