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  5. "Kendimi iyi hissetmiyorum."

"Kendimi iyi hissetmiyorum."

Translation:I do not feel well.

July 4, 2015



I am sorry.. but I don't know how to explain this in English..

So this comment will be only for Arabs and Arabic speakers..

لأن الفعل "يشعر" في اللغة التركية يحتاج إلى مفعول به..

والشعور هنا واقع على المتكلم نفسه وبالتالي الفاعل هو نفسه المفعول به في هذه الجملة لذلك لا تستطيع استخدام Beni وتستخدم عوضا عنها Kendimi

تماما مثل اللغة العربية تستطيع أن تقول أشعر بك لكن لا تستطيع أن تقول أشعر بي ولكن تقول أشعر بنفسي...

ومثلها أنت تشعر بنفسك ولا تقول أنت تشعر بك..

أتمنى تكون فهمت مقصدي...


I will attempt to translate this to the best of my ability so that everyone else can benefit from your useful post. According to MAS: Because the verb to feel "hissetmek" in Turkish needs an object..

And the feeling here falls upon the speaker himself, thus making the subject himself the object of this sentence, hence one cannot use "Beni" and must use "Kendimi" instead...

Just like in Arabic where one can say "I feel myself" but cannot say "I feel me"...

Similarly you feel "yourself" and do not feel "you"...

I hope you understand my point.


So it's the equivalent of swoj/свой in slavic languages.


You nailed it :D


Or German: Ich fühle mich wohl = I feel [myself] well. This use of "feel" in German also requires a direct object.


Чувствую себя хорошо! In Russian. The verb to feel in Russian also needs a direct object.


انت رائع


Why "Kendimi" is needed here?!


that's just how we use it in Turkish


The arabic comment above explained this thoroughly, if you read it (I'm sure you can) then you will understand this perfectly. Good luck.


Is the "kendimi" here mandatory or can it be omitted?


It is 100% needed but it could sound a bit strange if you don't use it. I would normally include it if I were you.


Is this because the verb is transitive so must take an object?


I can't reply.. When I reply the message "An error ocurred. Try again later" always appears. I don't know why. SO I post every time instead.


How would one say "I am not feeling well myself" ?


Ben şahsen kendimi iyi hissetmiyorum


Kendini is the object. But does hissetmek have an object?


It goes well with German: ich fühle mich nicht gut.


Why hissetmiyorum and not hisstemiyorum if the verb is hissetmek?

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