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  5. "Jeg er snart hjemme."

"Jeg er snart hjemme."

Translation:I am home soon.

July 4, 2015



"I am home soon" is not exactly correct in English. Could this phrase be translated: "I am going to be home soon" or "I will be home soon"?


This sentence is very confusing because "I am home soon" doesn't make sense in English. Like A.Kvr asked, could this be translated to "I will be home soon" or "I am going to be home soon"?


I guess I'll be asker #3 since A.Kvr and jaclynchristine haven't gotten an answer yet.

"I am home soon" is a bit confusing and doesn't really work in English, so could this also be translated "I will be home soon" or "I am going to be home soon"?


In the sentence "Vi kommer snart", the "snart" ends like "chair/chest". Here is different because of "hjemme" or can be pronounced the two ways?

Edited because the [] doesn't help to understand :D

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I don't understand this question, care to elaborate?

'hjemme' can however only be pronounced in one way.


It's not about the sound of "hjemme", but I recorded both sentences and the word "snart" is different to my ears http://www.goear.com/listen/8773aee/snart-duolingo

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I can hear a difference at the beginning of 'snart', some being pronounced 'shnart'(wrongly I believe) and others 'snart', but I can't hear any difference on the ending. The ending should be pronounced somewhat like '-art' or -'aht', as the 'r'-sound is combined with the 't'.


I hear that too, and i think your hypothesis that this is due to "hjemme" sounds plausible


Hjemme sounds like Jenne.

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