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"Mia sorella lavora in stazione."

Translation:My sister works at the station.

October 11, 2013



Anyone knows why there is no definite article? Duolingo's mistake or on purpose?


I think this is the "in banca/nella banca" case:

  • Lavoro in banca = I work in a bank (no matter which, where, just in a random bank)
  • Lavoro nella banca al centro = I woek in the bank in the center (a damn specific location, so it must take article)

Same here:

  • Mia sorella lavora in stazione = My sister works at the/a station (it's "the station" only because '"a station" sounds awfully weird in English, but the meaning is still indefinite)
  • Mia sorella lavora nella stazione Termini = My sister works at the Termini station (unique noun, there's only one Termini station)


"My sister works in a station" was marked as incorrect. I myself would not find it weird in English though -- she works in a (railway) station in general, as opposed to "the railway station of our town".


Grammatically, it's correct. You may report this.


Cheers for that...


they marked my "a station" wrong and said "in" only refers to "the station"


No, tua sorella è in prigione!


Sua sorella è in prigione perché ha "lavorato" in stazione. :D


Why is "My sister works in the resort" wrong?


So ... are people voting this down (at -2, Feb 2016) because they think stazione can't possibly mean resort?

reverso.net lists (as well as other meanings):

  • stazione balneare seaside resort
  • stazione climatica health resort
  • stazione invernale winter sports resort
  • stazione sciistica ski resort


If you know there's something wrong with the translation don't vote down the question - answer it!

If you don't know for sure there's something wrong with the translation, don't just assume that a foreign langauge can't use one word to cover two words in your own language. Research it, or leave the question alone. Thanks!


In English you would use "work at", btw.


there must be a rule why this is 'mia sorella lavora in stazione.' granted it's easier to write, but 'alla', 'della', 'nella' appears acceptable as well. expressions are distinctly assigned if it depends on the sentence structure? maybe we just have to memorize via immersion. like for instance, 'lui va dentro da solo'. he goes in from alone'. we must have to get used to how they phrase things and can't compare it to how we structure our own languages. if i'm confusing just ignore this. it's hard for me to explain and i tend to pointlessly


The audio seems to say "ina stazione". Is that the natural Italian pronunciation?


My sister works in the station is the correct meaning


È un buon lavoro per lei, perché è appena uscita di prigione.

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