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adding friends

How do I add a friend who is an existing user. When I enter the email address it tells me he is already registered and gives the name. We were linked but mysteriously it disappeared?

December 29, 2012



Enter his name in the search box in the top right corner and hit Enter. The username should pop up and you should be able to become friends.

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If you can get their username, just go to duolingo.com/#/your_friends_username_here and click the blue add friend button.


Got it sorted guys thank you. Used a bit of both to prompt me having added the known email address again.


I can find my friend, who is an existing user, on the right top corner for search learners. I can't even find myself. I tried the website http://duolingo.com/#/your_friends_username_here but it can't load properly. What can I do?

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We intentionally do not show you in the search results when you are logged in. Also, that website I mentioned was an example. For example, to get to my account you would go to http://duolingo.com/#/bren.

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