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"Ela tem tantos livros quanto eu."

Translation:She has as many books as I do.

December 29, 2012



What's wrong with "She has as many books as I"? The use of American English is confusing...


I also got this one wrong. I think there is nothing wrong with translating this way


"as I" implies a "do". Perhaps that is why?


We could say that in Am. English as well, it´s just a matter of reporting it so they know 0:)


The correct English nowadays is: . . .as I do OR . . .as me. The old construction: . . . as I is no longer correct.


I couldn't be more English, and I would always put "do" at the end of this particular sentece. Ending with just "I" would come across as someone trying to be either "posh", or being very old fashioned.


I naturally put 'as me', and I speak British English. Anecdotally, I rarely if ever hear anyone say 'as I' in comparative constructions, and I am inclined to think it is a hangover of 19th-century (and earlier) prescriptive grammar. This is not to say 'as I' should not be accepted as correct, though


It is correct to say, ". . . as me." However, ". . . as I" is out.


This is kind of a ridiculous sentence to throw in at this stage....


This is difficult without grammar notations... the literal translation is "She has so many books how many I". It's a bit of a stretch to get the correct translation without a bit of colloquial grammar hint/tip.


I guess in general they assume that if the phrase is idiomatic, it takes more learning, and therefore it won't do you any harm to fail the lesson once or twice until it's drummed in to your brain :-P


There's definitely something wrong with the translation here.


'...as I' should be allowed as previously stated. Yes it's a direct translation and '...as me' is more colloquial/natural to say these days but '...as I' is correct english and therefore a correct & valid translation of this phrase.


I entered "she has as many books as i do" and got it right.. I speak American English.. does that help?


"She has as many books as I" should be a valid answer. True, in speech, people say "as me" all the time, but technically that is incorrect.


In a book I studied it stated that in European Portuguese (Correct me if I am wrong) you would write 'Ela tem tantos livros como eu' which honestly makes a little more sence to my English speaking brain when I try to translate word by word. So I'm wondering if using 'como' instead of 'quanto' is generally accepted in Brazillian Portuguese as well or is limited to European..


Ambas são construções tidas como corretas e bem aceitas aqui no Brasil, ou seja: Tanto...quanto=Tanto...como.

Particularmente, prefiro tanto..quanto, o que não quer dizer muita coisa.

Com a palavra, os irmãos portugueses...e de outros países que tenham como primeira língua o Português.

Bons estudos.


As I, as do I, as I do - all should be accepted.


Hopping on the "She has as many books as I" train.

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