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Learning languages from english

Hello, I use duolingo since one week to learn spanish and a little bit italian. I have learned a little bit spanish in school - but this is long ago ;-) But for me its pretty hard to learn a language from english and not from my native language, which is german. Have anybody also problems with this kind of learning and how do you handle this? So, i hope the incubator makes it possible to learn languages from german. Bye and happy learning Dianteli

October 11, 2013



If you are not completely fluent in English, then it might be hard - that's logical =) It's a good way because you're learning English at the same time, too. One problem could be for instance that you don't have a perfect feeling for the language and you don't know in which multiple ways things can be translated a.s.o. - either you use online dictionaries as well (while learning on duolingo) in order to get the right translation or you could write small vocabulary lists of your current course in Spanish, English and German.


Myenglish is not really fluent, but much better than my spanish. But by some translations its very hard for me. For example in english there is "you" in spanish there more ways to translate this "you".

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