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  5. 5 day streak lost?


5 day streak lost?

Today I noticed that on duolingo that my 5 day streak on duolingo is gone, and replaced by a 1 day streak, which is odd. I remember that yesterday I did two German lessons, which should've met my daily goal and also should have went to a 6 day streak. I also had an active seven day streak challenge, which was broken as a result. Please help!

July 4, 2015



Were you online while you finished the lessons? If you work offline on your phone/tablet you must sync it after you finish. Also, set a daily goal of 1, so you can always meet your goal. Anyway, it's not so bad, much painful to lose a streak of 50 or 500 days. Good luck.


As a matter of fact, I wasn't online at the time, so that would explain everything. Thank you for the tips, and good luck to you too.


Just a tip while I am here - 'Should have went' should have been 'should have gone'.

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