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I finished the "tree" a couple of weeks ago. Since I did it almost entirely on my smart phone, I did not take much advantage of the discussions or the immersion activities. I have reviewed the tree every day since I completed the basic work.

I note that I have a "Spanish fluency" of 52% as stated on my home page.

<pre> 52% of what? How was this calculated? Is this an acceptable score after completion of the tree? Is this a beginner level or intermediate level? What an I expected to be able to do having finished the tree? </pre>
3 years ago

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It's based on their own formula, so we don't really know how it was calculated or exactly what it means. Yes. I'm at 56%. I don't really know how they calculate levels, but I'd assume that you're closer to the intermediate level. You should be able to hold general conversations, understand most books, songs, t.v. programs, movies, and more as long as they're pretty general. You also are able to learn more advanced materials if you use SpanishDict.com or StudySpanish.com to really look at how the grammar works.

3 years ago