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Courses from not-so-common languages

Has somebody applied already to be a contributor for a not so common language, such as Frisian, Hawaii or Basque? Or even for an American or an Australian indigenous language? Let's hear what exotic languages there'll be around here sometime soon.

October 11, 2013



My and my friend from school are working together to add Gaeilge (Irish)


are you a native speaker of Gaeilge ?


Níl mé. Rinne mé Gaeilge i Scoil. Labhairt mé go maith Gaeilge ach tá deacracht ag gramadaí uaireanta :)


it is great to hear there are people interested in adding smaller languages hopefully somebody will start adding Welsh too, although they can't do that yet I know


Lithuanian. Not the first language that pops up when you think "not-so-common languages", but, after all, it does have only 3 million speakers.


I'm thinking that there should some more Asian languages to mix into the selection of courses such as e.g. Korean, Thai, Vietnamese etc. And although some are much larger and more well known, it will still allow for a much broader/differing range of languages to choose from.

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