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webCape scores - How can you improve after finishing the tree?

Hey guys, I've just finished the Spanish tree and was offered the opportunity to take place in a webCAPE online exam.

Now I've just taken the test, got the score 538. What exactly does that mean? Also it is a multiple choice test so you can guess some(educated guesses but still.. guesses).

Having learned a lot of vocabulary here on duo & from previous studies I still did not know a lot of words in the testl. What are your experiences guys?

By the way do you have a site to recommend while we wait for the advanced courses here?

October 11, 2013

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Well, first, don't forget to practice :-) Lesson practice is nice I think to really help you master the conjugación. As for the vocabulary, I personally recommend the babbel app. 3800+ words of vocabulary for FREE (the website isn't free, though.) You have also other sites like memrise (haven't used it) that some people recommend here. Else, I practice as often as I can with my South American friends, and I bought a few books in Spanish.

Apart from that, If you wanna go that extra mile and start studying literature (not just easy novels), good luck... I haven't found the courage yet :-)

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