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webCape scores - How can you improve after finishing the tree?

Hey guys, I've just finished the Spanish tree and was offered the opportunity to take place in a webCAPE online exam.

Now I've just taken the test, got the score 538. What exactly does that mean? Also it is a multiple choice test so you can guess some(educated guesses but still.. guesses).

Having learned a lot of vocabulary here on duo & from previous studies I still did not know a lot of words in the testl. What are your experiences guys?

By the way do you have a site to recommend while we wait for the advanced courses here?

October 11, 2013



I found this on internet http://spanish.as.nyu.edu/page/placement

your score 538: 510-600

SPAN-UA 3 Intermediate Spanish I

that's just not a beginnern :-)

Copy of the information:

Welcome to the Language Placement Information Page, where you will find detailed information about language requirements and placement into Spanish and Portuguese classes.

Students in the College of Arts and Science (CAS) need to fulfill 4 semesters of language as part of their Morse Academic Plan (MAP). They can also fulfill their requirement with several placement exams. In-person placement exams in Spanish and Portuguese will be available for CAS students during the summer and throughout the fall semester (NOT available during CAS Orientation/Welcome Week): http://cas.nyu.edu/page/ug.placementexams


Portuguese students will need to take an exam at CAS. For further details about dates and times, please contact Michael Fisher michael.fisher@nyu.edu


Students with no previous study of Spanish enroll in SPAN-UA 1 Spanish for Beginners I. Students with 1 year of High School Spanish may enroll in SPAN-UA 1 Spanish for Beginners I or take a placement test to determine placement. All other students must show proof of placement through the SAT II Placement Test (taken either before entering NYU or offered by CAS), the IB exam or the AP Test. If a student does not have any form of placement test available and has taken Spanish before, he/she needs to take the WebCAPE online placement exam (link provided at the end of this page).

I. SAT II Placement Test

The SAT II Placement Test can be used both for placement and to fulfill the MAP requirement. Please see the box below for placement and MAP requirement equivalencies.

SAT II Placement Test Score


Under 350

SPAN-UA 1 Spanish for Beginners I


SPAN-UA 1 Spanish for Beginners I or SPAN-UA 10 Intensive Elementary Spanish


SPAN-UA 2 Spanish for Beginners II


SPAN-UA 3 Intermediate Spanish I


SPAN-UA 3 Intermediate Spanish I or SPAN-UA 20 Intensive Intermediate Spanish


SPAN-UA 4 Intermediate Spanish II


SPAN-UA 100 Advanced Grammar and Composition

720 or above

Talk to the Director of the Language Program spanish.dlp@nyu.edu for placement into advanced courses.


Oh, I wanted to try that out, but it isn't free :-(


Well, first, don't forget to practice :-) Lesson practice is nice I think to really help you master the conjugación. As for the vocabulary, I personally recommend the babbel app. 3800+ words of vocabulary for FREE (the website isn't free, though.) You have also other sites like memrise (haven't used it) that some people recommend here. Else, I practice as often as I can with my South American friends, and I bought a few books in Spanish.

Apart from that, If you wanna go that extra mile and start studying literature (not just easy novels), good luck... I haven't found the courage yet :-)

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