"Siz sporu sever misiniz?"

Translation:Do you like sports?

July 5, 2015

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Why is the accusative definite in Turkish version and not in English in this sentence?


Lots of verbs in Turkish have a corresponding noun case--in this case, the object of "sevmek" must always be in the accusative case. Sometimes the English translation will express a similar concept using prepositions, articles, etc. For example, "bakmak" requires the dative case and likewise English "to look" requires the preposition "at." However, this similarity is surface-level and you should not become too attached to it. Turkish "sormak" also requires the dative but English "ask" can stand alone.

In this sentence it is enough to understand that "sevmek" requires the accusative case but "to like" does not require a definite object. They are simply different words in the context of different grammars.


In this case though, when we are discussing general concepts in Turkish, don't we use the indefinite?


But how would we say "the sport" in this case? Does it have to be understood from context?


why cant sporu be accepted. what would be the proper way to say do you like the sport


The audio is more of a statement rather than a question


Why sports ? Not the sport ?

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