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The Duolingo App

Knowing that the majority of Duolingo users use the app on either apple or android devices, it shocks me that it isn't being worked on as much as other things. For example there are still no discussions on the app, which for me is what makes Duolingo so different from other language learning tools, It's the community. Also there are no lingots and etc. I know a lot of learners have only seen the app, and don't know that there also is a website with so much more. The lack of options on the apps might make some people care less about Duolingo, and turn away from it. And I love Duolingo and want the whole world to know about it, and love it too ;) Maybe it could at least tell people about the website ;)

October 11, 2013



Thanks for this comment. I should mention that we're in fact working very heavily on both mobile apps. However, they have been around less time than the website (so they're less developed), and getting the interaction right on them takes a while because of the small screen size.


OK, I appreciate all the work you do ;) I hope I wasn't too harsh.


I know this is adding more work but please do remember that there are a lot of people using tablets which have plenty of screen estate.

I don't have a computer - I do everything through my Nexus 10. I would love to see more of the website features on my tablet. Thanks!


How is it using the website version of Duolingo on your tablet? Does it work alright?


In not as happy as pinkodoug - parts of the site load very slowly although I think this had been improved recently.

The on screen keyboard popping up auto focuses and zooms in. This means that there is lots of zooming in and out. It just feels messy.


I have a Nexus 10 as well (I'm using it to write this), and can do almost everything in either Chrome or Firefox. Speech input for exercises doesn't work since it uses Flash, but everything else works great except for a display problem in Chrome. The main web page won't load in that browser due to a known bug that has been around for at least 8 months without being fixed, but the rest of the site is flawless. Even so, I use my laptop 95% of the time since I prefer a keyboard when available.


So is the bug just present on the mobile version of Chrome or do some PC users of Chrome have it too?


It works fine in Chrome on any other platform that I've tried (Linux, Windows 7, Windows 8, OS X). Also, it apparently works on Android now too. It didn't as recently as yesterday, so apparently this old bug has finally been fixed. The home page renders fine in Chrome on both my Nexus 10 and Galaxy S3 now.


Thank you for the info. :)


The mobile site works quite well but the mobile (Android, at least) app is quite crippled. For example in discussion threads, no ability to edit your comment, or to see how long ago a comment was posted, or to give a lingot. I do wish development was more focused on features than regularly updating the aesthetic.


You may not even search other topics, access the stories section.


I totally agree with you. Neither did I know that there was a website, and that there were so many extra things in it, until just yesterday. In fact I had just created a discussion about it. You can scroll down and see the discussion 'Some suggestions'. I feel that Duolingo should work on the app, and add the same features as the net - the lingots, discussions, immersion etc.


I feel there are a ton of small features on the website that are not on the app. Actually, it's easier to say what is IN the app: just the skill tree. The ability to read about the grammar, to practice a certain word, to see tables with verb conjugations, etc are all absent.

Also, I have the feeling the lessons on the PC are harder than on the app! might be just a perception bias though.


I think you are right. A lesson is easier to get through on the app than the website.


I agree too, it definitely seems like the app lessons are easier.


Indeed it is much easier to pass a lesson in the app rather than the PC


I agree with you, I miss features from the app too.

But, you know, they have worked for a while on the complete redesign of the iOS 7 app: http://blog.duolingo.com/post/62995947540/a-new-duolingo-for-ios-7

Similar changes are coming for Android, and the web version as well.


"For example there are still no discussions on the app, which for me is what makes Duolingo so different from other language learning tools, It's the community."

I totally agree!


I actually had no idea duolingo was so community oriented, since this is actually my first time using it on a computer! Amazed at how much more expansive it is here than on a device.


I just find it amazing that you can't do the immersion section via the app as surely far more users would be tempted to aid duolingo in their language translation endevors


As an iOS developer, the app Duolingo has created is unprecedented and brings a whole new world to the App Store. Of course there could be more features, there can always be more features and yeah right now the app isn't a mirror image of the website but believe me - the features that aren't currently in the app aren't there yet for a reason. Had they been rushed in for the new update they released, it would have flopped. I have a ridiculous amount of respect for this company, and sincerely hope they maintain this level of quality for as long as they are around. The app will get there, be patient and don't rush them.


the iphone app is awesome


The iPhone/iPad app is the best but it should include more functions like for example discussions and seeing the conjugations of different words just like on the website.


I really appreciate the determination of "wanting the whole world to know about it". How indeed could we spread this information amoung unimpressed users? :-)


I don't really mind that the app has a somewhat more limited range of functionality. Purely personal opinion, but I prefer the web site as a very robust interface into Duolingo that gives me a lot of options (like reading discussions and visiting the store). I prefer the app, on the other hand, as a relatively simple interface to the system that makes it easy to quickly practice when I'm away from the computer.

I think it'd be nice in the long term if they at least retain a sort of 'basic' interface option that hides a lot of the potential complexity to let you just focus on what you're doing.

It sounds like the overall system could also benefit from the app providing more of an indication that there's a whole website you could be visiting.


lol "still no discussions" 3 yrs later still none!


I just updated my iPad app. I am having to comment using my laptop as the app's comment facility is non-existant and report is not much better! Where you still get bonus points for doing your selected minimum, I am unsure. I will do one exercise on here then on app and see. I suspect it will no llonger give me a boost, but ,live in hope!


No more news about the update of the app to become similar to the website?


Hi, I agree. I’ve been using the app on a tablet and phone and thought I’d try logging in via a browser on the tablet as I was trying to find a word list for Irish language course. I can now see tips and word lists/definitions neither of which are available on the app view. Without the tips and introduction I’ve been starting each new module blind and had to learn by mistake and figuring it out. A lot of people I know can’t be bothered with this approach. If the functions can’t be added, at least point people to logging in via a browser so they can view the extra information. Thanks Duolingo, I do like your product.


I'm not sure if this has been mentioned below, I had a quick skim through and couldn't see it, I mostly use the app on my iPad and think it is brilliant. A couple of weeks ago I brought a streak freeze with my lingots on the website but it only froze my streak on the website not on the app, it's those inconsistencies that show the gap between the website and the app.


I thought of course it has a website, and it has more options than the app obviously.


i wish it was offline on the app, i like to take my tablet on the go, but I can't learn from the app when i am not on WiFi. it would be nice if you could


It is possible to learn when offline. It is a bit limited but about an hours worth of lessons are available.


don't want to start a separate topic just for this little thing, hope someone can help me out here

im on iOS. today I've been having some problems with "Strengthen Skills" thing in my Italian (you know, the one you see on top when you swipe from left to right, the one that allows you to review the stuff you already learned). the Spanish one works fine, but with Italian it only loads the light gray background and then in white (barely visible) the word Quit on top left. and that's it. so I am wondering now - is it just my problem or is anyone else having it?


Love your work for the community ! Thanks! Question: is it possible to Review the Lesson in the app?


I see this was 6 years ago and there are still limitations on the app. I am unable to comment on a sentence from the app version. Also even when I go to the website on my iPad , it automatically sends me to the app. Please make it easier to use the web version on a tablet or update the app to be better on a tablet.


ya many more fake apps upload in play store but below I share Official links to download Duolingo App. Direct Download - https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.duolingo apk file - https://bit.ly/3juuebs


The recent frequent pop-up prompt to 'try the Duo app' is annoying me. How can I suppress it? I most definitely recommend Duo on a web page (android tablet) for the indispensable Notes and multiple windows (tabs).

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