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  5. "Li desegnis la malsanulejon."

"Li desegnis la malsanulejon."

Translation:He designed the hospital.

July 5, 2015



This word for hospital reminds me of the German "das Krankenhaus" (the sick-house), which for some weird reason I always find to be an amusingly literal way to phrase it. But then words with K's often tend to sound funny.


Wait, did he draw the hospital or did he design it? Both answers are accepted, but they mean very different things in English.


I would imagine that context would determine. But designing a hospital usually does involve some sort of drawing


Hmmm ... affixes are all very well in their place, as long as there are not too many of them all in one word. Malsanulejo is one of those words.. more prefixes and suffixes than there are concepts necessary to express.

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