July 5, 2015



This looks vaguely Italian- to someone who doesnt know Italian. Anyone know about this and care to share?


The Italian word for “tomato” is pomodoro.

EDIT #1: This article in The Irish Times touches upon the origin of tráta (unfortunately without documentary evidence).

EDIT #2: Perhaps it was associated with the “Gaeltacht tomato scheme” — this particular debate was in 1952, in the 14th Dáil, and reference was made to a bill being reïntroduced two years after its initial introduction in the 13th Dáil. The earliest mention of the scheme that I could find was from 1947.


A great story about the origin of the word. If it isn't true, it should be!


The Irish Times story is absolutely brilliant! Thanks so much for providing the link, scilling.


You are right! The Italian word "trota" has the same pronunciation as "tráta", but it means trout. This is the reason why I remember it so well :)


Yes. In Italian, "tomato" is pomodoro. It is not Italian (I went on Google Translate just to check, it said nothing). The á is not commonly used in Italian.


How do you pronounce this?


Pretty much as written. You can hear it in each of the three major dialects on foclóir.ie.

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